Friday, August 24, 2012

Habis Sepah Madu Dibuang


First on my typing I would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Maaf Zahir Dan Batin. Wish all Mawar Hitam's followers are happy with love always and forever. Nowadays I feel so lonely even have done Eid celebrations with my family and friends. I thing you guys can expect when Mawar Hitam talk everything will be linked with love story. Yeah, It's right. I'm lonely right now.

Who? Norrila Binti Burhan? Hmmm, she's now in Semporna, Sabah. She back for Eid celebrations. What is going on right now is she never misses me. Never!!! She forget me. She never ask anything about me. I see, she just need me in the moment she need. When no longer needed she will leave and forget everything. Yeah, I'm silly! "habis sepah madu dibuang" Damn.

What exactly do you want Norrila binti Burhan? You have done lied to me before. You have done spend on my money. You also have done ''menduakan" "mentigakan" "menempatkan". You already have my everthing. I have done do everything to you. Everything you want I gave. What else Norrila? Are you aware of your actions.

I'm tired. Is this the way you reply my feelings on you? My love and my heart? You hurt my love for you. You tricked me as you please. Enough until here only. I'd better just go. I'm tired. So many times I tried to be patient, to think positive and be the best to you, but It's all turn out. All  I have done are just useless. You respond my love with a lie.

Berubah larh Norrila Binti Burhan. Aku akan kembali setelah kau berubah. Aku akan kembali kerana hanya kau yang aku cintai.

Mawar Hitam.

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