Monday, September 23, 2013

My idol , Fynn Jamal !


This is Mawar Hitam.

Hyee guys , I want to let you know about someone who have been be my Idol. she is my Idol for my thinking , writing & reading. Almost five years i follow her on FB, Blog & her Twitter.

Do you know her?

She is Fynn Jamal.

Nama: Nur Affina Yanti Jamalludin
Tempat Lahir: Kota Tinggi, Johor
Tarikh Lahir: 27 Ogos 1982

She is a writer. She write poet , poem , song , blog , book ... She is a singer. She like to write a song but don't like to sing ... She is an actor. She's really an arts . She love everything about that close to soul & life. Awesome right =) 

I really love her ! ! !
She is a woman who fights the meaning of life according to what is in her soul. She fights for girls for women. She fights for what she love. She's really crazy !

For me : Fynn Jamal

-gila2 tapi cool
-keras kepala tapi bijak
-kesenian yang teramat
Hahahaha (^_____^)

This is her baby. Bakti Arjuna Fitri


I really love Fynn Jamal so damn much ! ! ! Who want to kill her, you must see me first !

Mawar Hitam.

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